But isn…err…but I thought…hang on…wtf?

If you’ve got a personal brand, you’ve heard someone say ‘Be yourself’.

I’ve heard it and said it.

Cos that’s the secret innit? Be yourself cos everyone else is taken, n all that?

Thing is, it’s shite to the point of dangerous advice…to personal brand biznisses anyway.

Just ‘being yourself’ can lure you into a false sense of security.

We all have a default mode that, if not worked on, will stay the same for our entire lives.

…and the default is usually to stay safe and not stand out.

*insert ANYTHING, anything at all about the amygdala here*

So, when building our Personal Brand, instead of doing something radically different, we tend to do things that have already been done…mainly cos it feels there’s less risk.

…cos not rocking the boat is just part of ‘being ourselves’.

Problem is, that doesn’t suggest growth. Or development. Or change.

Just feels a bit…stagnant.

And d’ya know…it’s also why when it comes to punching your own personality into your brand, a lot of people really struggle…cos ‘just being yourself’ might flare up the fact they don’t actually know who they are yet.

Ouch. Nerve tickle, much? Hope so.

Just “Being yourself” relies on doing stuff you’ve always done.

Could be: putting off a website redesign, or not bothering to really nail your offer.

…and I must say here, these two tinkers are EXACTLY what I’ve defaulted to recently…

(just in case you thought I think I’m some kind of Vaj-eesus or summit)

If I carry on ‘just being myself’, then that annoying tendency to put shit off will always take centre stage.

So, if ‘just be yourself’ is shite advice, what’s the alternative?

Tbh, to me, a better phrase would be to “become yourself”.

Become yourself.

Now, to me, that suggests action. Suggests something to work towards. Suggests a challenge to see our potential.

What d’ya reckon…sound or shite? And what, if anything, could you do now to become a better personal brand?