No long intro blurb here – we all know what a call to action is, but not all of us know what a compelling one actually looks like. 

Here are a few of the over-common offenders, the usual scene of the crimes, their direct translations, and their kick-ass copy combat alternatives…

Offender #1: “Visit our website to find out more” 

Scene of the crime: Flyer/sales letter/brochure

Translation: “If anyone actually does this, I’ll eat my hat”

Copy Combat: “First 30 people to visit website and sign up gets free 40% off voucher”

Offender #2: “See in store for details”

Scene of the crime: Shop windows

Translation: “Let’s just hope someone inside knows what’s going on if asked”

Copy combat: “Look for the legend in the pink top and ask them how you can save lots of pennies on your shopping with us right now”

Offender #3 “Subscribe now”

Scene of the crime: Almost every list-joining button everywhere

Translation: “You’re going to receive lots of emails you will defo not be arsed to read”

Copy combat: “Get me the hell in!”, “Pick me! Pick me!” “Oh, I’ve got to see this”

Offender #4: “If interested, speak to me after”

Scene of the crime: Networking, 30 second intros

Translation: “I’m going to make no attempt to speak to you”

Verbal copy combat: “First 5 people to come over and tap my bum gets 50% off if booked there and then”

Offender #5: “Hit reply and I’ll be in touch”

Scene of the crime: Emails

Translation: “I have no idea how to end this, so I’ll just say what everyone else says, hit it and hope”

Copy Combat: “Has that tickled your fancy? Well, we’d love you to tickle ours by emailing us at XXX before 5pm today with the subject line: Fancy tickled! And we’ll get back to you within the hour”

Offender #6: “Get in touch now”

Scene of the crime: Websites

Translation: “Are ya though? Are ya really?”

Copy Combat: “Let’s hug this out”

C’mon guys…add some real zest to your stuff… you’re better than that. 

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