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What’s with the Why?

Lucy With a Why is one person. Called Lucy. Who has one f**ker of a WHY…

To be The Personal Brand Provocateur of Marketing and pass that smart sass on to daring personal brand business owners eager to inject some proper personality into their stuff.

As a Provocateur, I’ve been making some serious jaw-dropping and thumb-stopping waves by creating brand voices and marketing campaigns for Mega Legend business owners who are desperate to stand out, be heard and get seen.

Boyzone once said: “it’s only words”. Well, my clients and I say “that the words are all we have to blow the minds away”

(like that little play there? Cheers yeah, me too)

Websites. Emails. Brochures. Video Scripts. Social Posts. Ad Copy. Direct Mail. The lot.

Basically, where there was bollock-all personality before, F**k my face is there personality now.

Cos, if you feel your biz lacks personality – and let’s be honest, it probably does – there’s only one way you’re gonna get people to notice you if you continue as you are…

…and that’s by taking a pic of your bare crotch and waving it in the face of strangers.

And only very specific weirdos, usually called Roger, nobody wants that.

Do it the right way. The fun way. The Lucy With A Why inject a good pun and get it full on done and up the bum way.

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What’s The Deal?

So, you might be thinking Whoa. That was a weird opener. Not quite sure if this lass will give me a punchy personality or get me punched in the face.

Truth is, when you dare to be visible with a brand voice totally unique to you, something quite extraordinary happens…

…People who would have never ever become customers start to retract, and people who were on the periphery start to become attracted.

Sorta like when you come out of your shell, they crawl out of theirs.

And that’s exactly what I’ll do for you – create a brand voice that physically attracts the right people to your business, so you get to work with the ones who actually get you.

It starts like this…


We’ll talk over Zoom, exchange sh*t jokes, then spend time discussing your business.
You’ll decide whether you like or hate me, and if the former…


…We’ll meet for a Creative Spark & Voice Nailing Sesh
(completely fancy way of saying Marketing and Strategy planning btw)
Oh, and lunch* will be on me

*gotta be somewhere cool though, preferably where sweet potato fries come as standard, not as an upgrade


I’ll go away and create you some copy in your exciting new voice and whip up a basic marketing strategy to go along with it. You’ll look it at go, “sh*t, that’s hot”, and then send me an email with about four heart-eye emojis.

And you’ll be glad to know this bit is all free. Can I get a f**k yes??

Then, if you want the really good stuff to happen, we’ll do this…


Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that involves words in your business (even the dickhead little notes you leave in the loo, or the totally bland out of office message) will be transformed into this crazy wicked new voice that will make your dad go “You definitely get your personality from me” *

*If your dad is in actual fact as arse, then replace ‘dad’ with your coolest family person.

You’ll also get a robust marketing strategy that will be used to announce your new brand voice to the world.

It’ll take about 2 months of solid ‘Wait-can-I-just-stop-for-a-wee?-No-you-can-hold-it-in-til-it’s-done’ graft, and it’ll be a lot of fun, I swear.

This bit isn’t free though. Cos this takes a lot of my love to get it right for you.

For your ridiculously unique brand voice and proper smart marketing strategy makeover, prices start at £3,500.

You decide whether you’re worth that or not.


We can end things there, or, like a lot of the Grade A Mega Legends who I work with, we can continue working together creating more awesome stuff that keeps your visibility high.

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Can’t be arsed to read the above? Me neither. Here’s a shortcut:


  • Sh*t jokes and Quick Chat

  • Free Fries and Creative Spark Session

  • Heart Eyes - Free Copy Sample

  • The Actual Good Stuff

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Well Nice Words…

Not to go all smushy bollocks on you, but the reason there are a sh*t tonne of well nice words about my work is because I CHOOSE who I work with, and those I choose are simply incredible.

Incredible business owners with incredible businesses.

And guess what, we take that level of incredible and seriously ramp it the hell up…

"We were a little lost and overwhelmed with our Marketing Strategy before Lucy Dowson (Lucy with a WHy) came and held our hand!

From the beginning she provided a tailored personal service that made us feel important even though we are a start-up company.

She treated us professionally and didn’t take any shortcuts. Every part of our marketing strategy was beautifully presented, detailed & explained in a language which was easy to understand.

We are now implementing the plan and don’t feel so lost with marketing our product, it’s almost as if she has given us a compass to guide us! Thank you so much, we look forward to working with you in the future!"

From Belo Ethical HandBag Retailers

No idea or project is too much...

“Lucy is quite simply the most delightful, talented and efficient marketing professional I have ever met. She is not only great fun and highly professional to deal with, she also has boundless energy and ideas and is always there when you need her. No idea or project is too much for her. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lucy to anyone who needs marketing support and advice. You will love working with her!”

Lucy Matthews Best Selling Author & Founder of Marvellous PR

We were never ever let down...

"Lucy is one of the most talented and client-focused marketers we know, going above and beyond to deliver world-class customer service. Her commitment to our business, which stretched far beyond marketing strategy and copywriting is second to none, and we’ve had a lot of fun working with her. Her imagination and ability to capture our audience through first class strategy implementation and copy increased our sales and engagement rates, and we were never ever let down in the time we worked together."

Andy Gwynn and Mary Collin Founders and Directors of 3Degrees Social

Let’s exchange some kind words of our own

Hello, I'm
but I honestly prefer Luce

Not too long ago I got slapped in the face with the realisation of my ‘why’: I should and will use my expertise in Marketing Strategy & Copywriting to aid Powerful-Purpose Businesses in creating positive impact on their audience.

That was it. Game changer for me.

So, I’ve taken my flair for marketing and writing copy, combined it with the knowledge gained from years of working with inspiring entrepreneurs, shoved a little, but rather appropriate pun in the mix, and got to where I am now…

Proud Founder and Director of Lucy with a Why.

Let's hug this out

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My 6 hour pledge

I’ve pledged 6 hours a year to Charities in need of some help with their Marketing & Copywriting.

I’ll happily assist with inspiration, strategy, copywriting and events, and do you know what? It’s our absolute pleasure to do so.

If you have, or are involved in a charity, campaign or not-for-profit organisation and would like some help with getting your positive message out there in whatever shape that might take, give me a little prod, I’ll be more than happy to help.

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  • Charity of the year

    We’re delighted to be currently working with Aspire Sports Trust, aiding their commitment in inspiring positive, physical wellbeing for children across our country and beyond.

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