A thing that’s been bugging me recently is how my business focus seems to flit between one thing to another.


Seemingly unconnected things can grab my attention and make me want to pursue them all at once.


Marketing, scriptwriting, life coaching, OWNING A WOOD, it all feels rather conflicted.


But, is it though?


After a brilliant mastermind session with a dear friend and fellow marketer, I’ve come to realise that having multiple WHYs is what keeps us interesting, curious and wholesome.


Having the ‘ONE THING’ is something marketers desire and deliberate over, but what if your ‘ONE THING’ is having multiple things?


And then, another good friend slapped me right in the face with tis beauty:




Er, what?


Multipotentialite… it means your interests and talents are unlimited!


OK, I’ll take that – thanks Sam.


So, there we go, multiple WHYS and probably the coolest attributing label ever created.


Task now is to ask my clients: “what other things do you want to be represented in your business?”