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Lucy with a why

There are businesses that are about the ‘what’, and businesses that are about the ‘why’.

Lucy with a why exists for the latter, and if you’ve got a business with a purpose stronger than money, we’ll not only help you market your positive message, we’ll damn well explode it.

We’re Purpose-Driven Marketers and Copywriters and our help, therefore, goes much further than just generating more revenue.

Working with us will create insurmountable positive impact on your audience.

Whether you’re a Social Enterprise, CIC, Charity, or a business with a powerful purpose, your sector isn’t important, your ‘why’ is. We’ll channel this throughout everything we do, from creating that inspiring marketing strategy, through all the implementation and finally to the end result: Positive, actionable impact.

We’re certainly anomalies in our field, hell-bent on making a contribution of difference to the world through working with honest and good-willed businesses and charities that exist to serve the same purpose.

If you’ve resonated and recognised yourself as a company with a strong purpose and not-so-strong marketing strategy and would like to talk, we might just be the ones who can help.

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Working with us…

Once you know your ‘why’, it should be pretty enjoyable from there on in.

And that’s how we like to work. With a big smile, good humour and after our quota of caffeine, lots of herbal tea.

As your business isn’t like any other, we don’t offer ‘set’ packages. Instead, we listen to you, and really understand what your business is about and what it’s trying to achieve, and then, we’ll work together in deciding what’s the best strategy for getting you there.

Here’s an example of just some of what our relationship could entail:
  • Marketing Consultation & Strategy Planning

  • Idea & Creative Spark Sessions

  • Creating your Marketing Plan and Social Media Calendar

  • Crafting Compelling Content and Copy

We work with external suppliers who can also help you with...
  • Building and Managing Marketing Campaigns

  • Creating & Maintaining Media Relations

  • Setting up & Promoting Events

  • Whatever the strategy, we'll always work to and for your WHY

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Kind words…

We’re proud to showcase our wonderful ‘why’ businesses, and their extremely kind words about their experience with us. Every one has their own story to tell and their own incredible reason for existing; it’s a true privilege to have been a part of their success…

"We were a little lost and overwhelmed with our Marketing Strategy before Lucy Dowson (Lucy with a WHy) came and held our hand!

From the beginning she provided a tailored personal service that made us feel important even though we are a start-up company.

She treated us professionally and didn’t take any shortcuts. Every part of our marketing strategy was beautifully presented, detailed & explained in a language which was easy to understand.

We are now implementing the plan and don’t feel so lost with marketing our product, it’s almost as if she has given us a compass to guide us! Thank you so much, we look forward to working with you in the future!"

From Belo Ethical HandBag Retailers

No idea or project is too much...

“Lucy is quite simply the most delightful, talented and efficient marketing professional I have ever met. She is not only great fun and highly professional to deal with, she also has boundless energy and ideas and is always there when you need her. No idea or project is too much for her. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lucy to anyone who needs marketing support and advice. You will love working with her!”

Lucy Matthews Best Selling Author & Founder of Marvellous PR

We were never ever let down...

"Lucy is one of the most talented and client-focused marketers we know, going above and beyond to deliver world-class customer service. Her commitment to our business, which stretched far beyond marketing strategy and copywriting is second to none, and we’ve had a lot of fun working with her. Her imagination and ability to capture our audience through first class strategy implementation and copy increased our sales and engagement rates, and we were never ever let down in the time we worked together."

Andy Gwynn and Mary Collin Founders and Directors of 3Degrees Social

Let’s exchange some kind words of our own

Hello, I'm
but I honestly prefer Luce

Not too long ago I got slapped in the face with the realisation of my ‘why’: I should and will use my expertise in Marketing Strategy & Copywriting to aid Powerful-Purpose Businesses in creating positive impact on their audience.

That was it. Game changer for me.

So, I’ve taken my flair for marketing and writing copy, combined it with the knowledge gained from years of working with inspiring entrepreneurs, shoved a little, but rather appropriate pun in the mix, and got to where I am now…

Proud Founder and Director of Lucy with a Why.

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Our 6 hour pledge

Lucy with a why has pledged 6 hours a month to Charities in need of some help with their Marketing & Copywriting.

We’ll happily assist with inspiration, strategy, copywriting and events, and do you know what? It’s our absolute pleasure to do so.

If you have, or are involved in a charity, campaign or not-for-profit organisation and would like some help with getting your positive message out there in whatever shape that might take, give us a little prod, we’ll be more than happy to help.

Let us know about your charity
  • Charity of the month

    We’re delighted to be currently working with Aspire Sports Trust, aiding their commitment in inspiring positive, physical wellbeing for children across our country and beyond.

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